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3 Tips for Shoe-Outfit Pairings

Step into the wondrous world of won’t be long before you get overwhelmed! There really are a lot of styles to choose from: Ballerina flats, sneakers, heels, sandals, flip flops and the list goes on. How do you decide which style to put on for the day?

The best thing about fashion and styling is that it’s mostly up to each individual and their preferences. However, for those of you who need a little help, here’s a general guideline to keep in mind the next time you choose your footwear!

1. Plan your day (and shoes!)

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly are you dressing for - is it a fun day out sightseeing in a new city, or are you heading to the office? While comfort is most important, identifying the right shoes based on the activities of the day can also minimise discomfort and the possibility of injuries happening.

If you have multiple events to attend to, perhaps a comfortable pair of flats would be most suitable; nothing too fancy or too casual either. We think It’s always good to have a pair of security shoes to fall back on! A go-to pair that you know you can count on for almost all occasions.

One other thing to note would be the environments you might be in and how your shoes might be affected through the day. Suede and Leather shoes might be your favourites at the time being, for example, but bringing them for a day out at the beach could likely cause damage to the fabric. Little factors like this can also help you pick out your choice of footwear for the day.

2. Choosing Colours

Now that you’ve identified the most suitable shoes for your plans, we can proceed to making it more interesting - by adding colours! There are a few ways to go about doing this, we’ve divided them into 3 sub-categories.

i. Colour-Coding

By this, we mean following the colour of your outfit! If there are any elements in your outfit that are particularly strong or striking, it would be advisable to use that colour as a guide. This method can help your outfit remain anchored and put together.

Alternatively, colour blocking is another way to go too! Instead of choosing shoes based on what you already have on, why not put in a bit more colours in the mix? Not everyone is made for colour blocking; some people worry about their whole look being too mismatched or haphazard, but for those of you who do like this style, these colours can help put a little funk in your step.

ii. Universal Neutrals

If you like to keep things simple, neutral coloured shoes like beige, black, gray and white might be the way to go! Plus, they don’t even have to be boring!
Choosing a neutral colour would be suitable for more formal occasions or activities, such as giving a presentation at work. To make things a bit more interesting, choose different textures for your shoes. If you’re used to smooth leather, why not switch things up with a suede finish the next time? This way, it’ll ensure your outfit still looks prim and proper, but never boring.
We’ve recently picked out some of our fave Greys and Blacks, if you’re into neutrals then this could probably help!  

iii. Mono-Magic
If all else fails and you’re in doubt, go monochrome!
Wearing different shades of a particular colour can provide your outfit with enough subtle variances without the different parts clashing with each other too much.
Alternatively, you can choose different textures and throw in some accessories if you’re worried about looking a little plain.

3. Consider your whole outfit


While comfort is most important, it’s good to take what you wear into consideration as well. Your choice of shoes can differ greatly, depending on whether it’s a jeans kind of day, or if it’s the perfect day for summer dresses, or even if you’re putting on a long flowy maxi skirt.

Different styles of shoes can match certain outfits better, and would also allow you to move around with more ease. For example, if you’re wearing something long and flowy, like a maxi dress or bell-bottomed jeans, a shoe that provides a bit of added height would probably work best. This not only makes you look taller and elongates the legs, wearing heeled/padded shoes would also stop you from constantly stepping on the ends of your bottoms as you walk.

At the end of the day, always remember that practicality and style should always go hand-in-hand when you’re choosing your outfit for the day. Never be afraid to try something new every now and then - your sense of style might change over the years!

Here at Anothersole, our wide range of colours and styles might just fulfil your needs for every phase in your shoe-searching journey. Made from 100% full grain leather, these shoes would almost never go out of style, and they’d last you a pretty long time too!

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