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4 Things To Look For When Buying Shoes

Have you got a soft spot for shoes? With the huge range of choices and types available in the market, it’s easy to just buy on impulse! Preferences aside, here’s a quick checklist that could help you buy a pair that’s well-suited to you and would last a longer time.

1. Quality of materials

It’s crazy how cheap a pair of ladies’ shoes can be (as little as $10!) but it’s important to know the quality you’re paying for! Here’s an example: a shoe made of PU leather would seem like a good choice – cost savvy, and it looks the part – but daily use is probably going to wear it out much faster than you think!

Think of it as an investment. Shoes made of premium materials like full leather or suede would cost more, but this purchase could save you from forking out on replacement shoes over time.

2. Workmanship

Good raw materials could also go to waste if they’re not properly handled.  Factor in the cost of proper workmanship the next time you check the price tag on a pair of shoes you fancy.

Some things to look out for may include bad stitching as well as any excess glue from the manufacturing process. Poorly designed shoes could also potentially lead to blisters and cuts.

3. Shape of your Feet

It’s good to identify the type of feet you have – flat footed or high arch, etc. – before making your purchase. Some shoes may just look nice, but don’t feel as great, so always make it a point to try them on and walk around the store a bit to have a feel of how they’d fit.

Here’s a quick video to help you through the Wet Test.


4. Practicality & Versatility (a.k.a Value for Money!)

We agree that certain shoes suit certain occasions better, but don’t you find it a hassle to switch between heels and flats all the time?

Our take on this is simple: invest in a pair of shoes that allow you to transition seamlessly from daytime activities to evening affairs. A design that looks professional enough for the office and still chic for a night at the bar with your girlfriends would also save you from that extra bit of outfit planning wouldn’t it?

Whether it’s a pair of tailored pants or a cute summer dress, a classic design would easily complete any get up. Now that’s one way of getting a bang for the buck!

Regardless of the style you go for, your feet carry you through your day so always put your comfort first. Prolonged use of improper footwear could also lead to knees, ankles and hips problems in the future. That’s a pretty hefty price to pay for just one evening out in those ungodly heels!

If chic, timeless designs and ultimate comfort are your kinda thing, why not check out our full range on our website. Our shoes are made from 100% full leather, with ergonomic insoles to provide the arch support you need.

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