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5 Things You Can Only Experience From Walking In Japan

Some cities have bike rental services, some offer reasonable cab fares. But for Japan, the best way to explore the cities is to clock on your foot mileage. Not only is it the most economical method, you’ll also experience things that can’t be planned for. And for a country bursting with culture, heritage and captivating views, all that walking is well worth the effort.

Here we have the experience of travel blogger @jolkat making her steps through Japan. So lace up your most comfortable pair of shoes and prepare to meander through its enthralling intricacies!

1) Sights you didn’t expect to see

You’ll never get bored walking the streets of Japan. Whether it’s dudes in cute onesies or fully costumed grown ups driving Mario Karts, there’s something quirky happening at every corner.  


At nightfall, the city scene changes and people get more expressive and bolder in bringing out their individualities. So roam those streets at night and you might catch a glimpse of the other side of Japan.

2) People you didn’t know you’d meet

You may not be able to speak their language, but that doesn’t stop them from chatting with you in Japanese. When this happens, use the universal language of hand signs and smiles. Or just play with the dog that they’re walking.

3) Animals in their natural habitat

The bane of all nature photographers – moving animals! Luckily, Japan is home to an abundance of wild animals and Springtime brings them out to play. Just make sure you’re not walking into bear territory though.  

4) Locals going about their daily lives

To understand a little more about the locals, just slow down and observe them. Imagine what goes into a day of their lives. What gets them out of bed every morning? How do they keep their spirits up?  

This changes the way you travel. It’s no longer about rushing through the itinerary, but immersing into something bigger than yourself.

5) Nature in its full glory

Infinite blue skies, enchanting rivers, beautiful sunsets. Nature has her special way of dressing in Japanese style. Take a moment to take it all in. Feel the ground beneath your feet, let the sun hit your face and breathe that fresh air gifted from the trees. You won’t need a vacation from your vacation after this.  

Get ready to walk

All psyched up to explore by foot? Make sure you wear a pair of comfortable and durable shoes to keep you going. It would make your experience a whole lot more enjoyable. Check out our 100% leather travel shoes that are soft, breathable and stays in shape in your luggage!

For more ways to make your trips meaningful, check out @jolkat’s unorthodox travel blog

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