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Ember Yong: The Superhero Mommy

Most working moms juggle between two jobs, working during office hours and fulfilling mommy duties off the clock. But for parenting influencer @emberyong, she holds four – founder of Leia + Lauren, full-time job as head of marketing, a mom to twin girls, and a travel blogger.

Somehow, she still manages to include quality family time AND travel. (Insane, right?!) Okay, you got our attention, Ember. What is your secret??

Juggling between work, motherhood, travelling and blogging

Ember Yong wearing Sienna Lamb

As she describes a typical day for her, it sounded like just a normal day for any working mom. Starting the day at 7am, going to work, have dinner back home, work on more stuff, and finally hit the sacks at 1am. But there's this deep focus and zeal that keep her present and get things done right.

“Scheduling my time well is extremely important. I make daily to-do lists and ensure that I thoroughly focus on every task at hand. I make conscious effort to fulfill my priorities such as spending time with my little ones and my family.”

This family spends every opportunity on quality family time. In the morning, they have breakfast as a family; at dinner, they share about their day as they dine together. And it doesn’t end at tucking the girls in bed. After they are asleep, she continues work discussions with hubby and creative founder of Leia + Lauren, and makes plans for the next day. That’s all in 24 hours. So this was the last thing I expected her to add:

“Once in a while, I squeeze in a little time to do what my husband and I enjoy – exploring new places!”

Hats off to you, Ember.

What drives a mother

Mothers are amazing beings that run on noble intrinsic fulfillment. Even though it’s the toughest job in the world, they love it and take pride in it. When asked about what drives her on as a mother, Ember painted the picture of motherhood for us.

“Being a mom has given me a whole new purpose in life. It makes me strive to be the best role model that I can be for them. It’s amazing how much my kids have taught me about patience and unconditional love. And I love watching them grow into their personalities!” 

Her most memorable moment with the twins had us going awwww….

“The day both Leia and Lauren called me mama in their sweetest voice for the first time, they took me by surprise and I was the happiest mom that day!”


Pro tips for travelling with kids

Leia and Lauren travel to Iceland

A look at Ember’s travel blog and you would fall in love with her stunning photos and engaging videos. But it’s not always easy travelling with kids, as every mom who has brought a child along for vacation would know.

For Ember, the biggest challenge is keeping her girls happy and entertained on long-haul flights and train rides. Placing little toddlers under two years old in a small cabin requires some creativity. Fortunately, she has some pro tips up her sleeves when travelling with Leia and Lauren.

“Coincide the flight time with their sleep schedule. You will less likely end up with a fussy baby on board.”

She advises on these important travel factors too.

“Plan well in advance and make sure that you have all the emergency numbers on hand. Make sure that their necessities, such as baby formula, are in separate bags so that you won’t have an issue in the case of a missing luggage.”

Spoken like a true globetrotting mommy.

Shoes for a superhero mommy

Sienna Lamb on Ember Yong

As we seek to #WalkAMileInHerShoes, we hope our shoes could help out a little with the busy lifestyles of women in Singapore. So we sent a pair to Ember and simply asked her how she finds the shoes. (Swear we didn’t tell her what to say!)

“For a person who is always on the go, these shoes fit me perfectly. I love that the leather is so soft and beautifully crafted, and the design is so versatile. Most importantly, they are crazy comfy!”

I guess this makes our adoration mutual.

A message of appreciation for all mommies out there

Through her experience as a mom, she gets the struggles that all mothers face. But she also takes time out to get refreshed and empowered again. This is what she wants to say to all mommies on this special occasion.

“To all you wonderful mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day! This is a special day to recognise your hard work, selfless love, dedication and sacrifices that often go unnoticed. Take time to remind yourself that you are a strong and incredible woman doing great things for your children. You are deserving. Take time to do what serves you, let your hair down and pamper yourself!”

Leia and Lauren with mommy Ember Yong

A big thank you to all our superhero mommies! We wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day! 🌷

Lotsa ❤️,

Anothersole x Ember Yong

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