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Shoes that are perfect for your next vacation

Whatever Your Holiday Destination May Be, We’ve Got The Perfect Shoes For It! (Hint: It’s 100% Leather!)

Planning for a holiday is a stressful affair, where to stay, what to do, what to eat - so many questions to answer when all you wanna do is just to let loose and have fun.

Well don’t worry, because we’ve taken care of one of the most important questions for any trip for you - what shoes to bring!  Here are 5 holiday types and the perfect shoes that’ll go with them.

1. The Beach Vacay


Taking a stroll on perfect white sand beaches with crystal clear waters? Whether it’s Bali, Phuket or Redang these white Valentinas will be the perfect fit! They blend perfectly with the sand, and the breathable leather fabric means you’ll be comfortable throughout your romantic stroll.

The chic scaley design also makes it perfect for dinners at the hotel restaurant or a night out in town!

2. The Bargain-Shopping Trip


Night markets, shopping streets - who doesn’t love a good steal! It might take a while to bag that perfect bargain so make sure your feet are well equipped for all that extensive walking! The next time you’re heading out, why not slip on a casual black pair of Luisas?

Its breathable sports insoles provide just the right amount of arch support, cradling your feet to ensure maximum comfort as you fill up that shopping bag of yours.

The sleek black leather exterior also goes with practically anything! Less time on outfit planning = more time for bargaining!

3. The Big City Goer


It’s nice to explore a new bustling city every once in awhile; NYC, Tokyo, all the likes! You’d definitely wanna show up in style for this one!

We all know that the shoes you wear make or break your outfit, so to make things easier, pack just a versatile pair! We’re thinking the cute Trixie; simple enough for a casual day out, and just the right amount of glam for a date night. Outshine the city’s bright lights with its unique metallic finish and transition easily from one occasion to the next - all in all still looking fabulously glamorous!

4. The Classic Explorer


The concrete jungle has a way of giving us a deeper appreciation for quirky, old cities. Whether it’s in the cobblestone streets of London or quaint French towns in the middle of nowhere, the change in environment is refreshing!

Comfort and practicality is key when it comes to exploring, and perhaps the sleek Sofia would fit the bill just right. Start your own mini collection with all the different colours we have and you might even be able to colour-coordinate your shoes to the next city you visit!

5. The Quick Getaway


A daytrip across the border could be enough to give you the change of air that you need! It could mean a lot of standing and walking for you - especially at Customs areas or when you’re running for the bus.

Never worry about achy feet while you’re in line when you’ve got a cute pair of Freyas on! The shoe provides proper arch support to ensure your feet don’t tire too easily, plus its bright designs help make sure your friends can easily spot you in the crowd!

Regardless of what type of traveller you are, the best way to enjoy your holiday is to make sure you’re comfortable. Check out our full range right here for more exciting designs!


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