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V-Day Outfit Inspirations To Set Your Heart Aflutter

Teddy bears, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and your favourite love songs blasting on loop. It’s that time of the year again, where we get to celebrate all that is grand about love! Don’t fret if that fancy restaurant is fully booked. The spirit of this occasion is marked by spending time with your special Valentine. Think low-key but uber sweet activities like strolling along the beach or brunch in an alfresco setting!

As romance fills the air this Valentine’s Day, check out our list of style inspirations that have something for every look, personality and type of event.

  • 1. Dressed To Impress


    Put down those dresses in muted shades of monochrome and the darkest black you can find. For V-Day, reach for something in bright, cheery tones instead! Nothing spells romance quite like some fresh and feminine hues. Think elegant maroons or a crisp coral. If you’re more into light colours, pastel oranges and baby pinks are a sure-fire hit as well!


    2. Posh & Professional


    Channel your inner Devil Wears Prada aesthetic and go for a classy, high-fashion look without breaking the bank. This is the epitome of feeling #LikeABoss!

    Maintain the posh factor by keeping accessories to a minimum. Let your outfit do the talking! If your date happens to be straight after work, you’ll look professional enough without having to bring a change of clothes. Plus, your colleagues will probably have major style envy!

    3. Free & Easy


    For moments where you want to just kick back and relax with your beau, free and easy is the way to go. No more worries of whether your food baby can be seen under a bodycon dress, comfort is the name of the game!

    Not only does it exude an effortlessly boho vibe, it also means you can gulp down that fabulous Valentine’s Day meal to your heart’s content! Better yet, take advantage of the clear skies and breezy weather to have a lovely picnic.

    4. Maxi Style


    A staple in every girl’s wardrobe, whip out that maxi skirt or dress if it’s breezy comfort and elegance you’re after. Chill and casual in its simplicity with the look of a full-length gown at the same time, it really is the best of both worlds!

    Feel the wind as you glide through each step you take. Did we also mention that it makes for some great swishing shots when you twirl around in your skirt right before the shutter goes off?

    5. All In One


    For fashionistas who are always torn between which top to pair with each bottom, this one’s a winner. Jumpsuits and rompers are a foolproof outfit option that require zero effort and preparation. Just throw it on, and you’re good to go! The best part? Your overall look will appear so immaculate that everyone else will be none the wiser.

    Whichever look you feel like going with, don’t forget that a fresh pair of kicks is what ties it all together! Those killer heels may look good for an OOTD shot, but your feet will be begging for some snug, well-cushioned flats once you step out. Quality shoes provide comfort over long periods of time and plenty of distance on the ground.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, here’s wishing you all the love!

    February 07, 2017 by Benny Chee
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