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These are SO comfortable. The sole is a wonderful cushion (foam) that is rightfully thicker where it needs to be to leave you floating. FINALLY finding shoes that are trendy, fit my style well and actually truly care about comfort. The rubber also looks durable (I use those fast as an NYC resident). Also grateful for a price that fits perfectly my budget range. Good luck going back to other shoes!

- Taryn ( )

I saw these on a woman in public and had to ask her where she got them. A few clicks later, and I have them, too! Great purchase. The support inside makes them very comfortable which is important for me as I am a teacher on my feet all day. Leather is so soft!

- Patricia G. fr United States (


I'm always really wary of buying shoes online, but these were everything they were cracked up to be. Leather is beautiful and soft, and for me, true to colour. The insole is amazingly supportive, especially considering how light the shoes are, and the fit is perfect. The quality overall is outstanding - I honestly can't believe I got them for the price! Haven't had the chance for a full day's wear yet, but they don't feel like they will rub or blister at all. They also shipped really quickly, especially as they weren't actually in stock when I ordered them. I would definitely recommend!



I absolutely LOVE these shoes, they are soooo comfortable. The leather is incredibly soft and supple. The sole is very cushioned. They are true to size and they are incredibly stylish. I have a feeling I will be buying a 'few' more pairs!


- Ruth Parsons (

 My Go To Shoes!


The best shoes! I own 3 pairs now and still planning to buy more colors... very comfortable.

I don’t have to worry about aching feet during days I do a lot of walking.


Emie L. (




Like Walking On Cloud


I do a lot of walking around my hometown and I travel a lot as well.

I need to look professional during work hours so sneakers aren't an option most of the time.

These shoes are perfect for casual outfits where you need to look well dressed

and be comfortable when you need to walk for hours on end.

The cushioned heel makes such a big difference. I love these shoes so much I bought 2!


Kim (






These shoes are the best! They are incredibly comfortable and go with any outfit.

I have high arches and was worried about the fit but the shoes have a nice amount of support and the cut is flattering.

I am usually a 6.5-7 in US sizing and the 38 fits great.

I already ordered another pair in black!


Jess (






Guess how many times I had to take these shoes off because someone in the office wanted to see them closer? 7 times!

By far the most comfortable shoes I have found, not to mention that they go well with both dresses and pants!

Look at how beautiful they are!! Do yourself a favour and try them on and be hooked just like I do!

2 pairs are not enough! I am getting more!!


Anna Kirkham (




Very Comfortable And Soft


Will definitely purchase again!


Ann (



Great Service & Shoes


The service was fast and the shoes are superb


Diana S. (




Why Didn't I Buy This Sooner!


Bought a size 37. Initially, I thought it would be too snug, but I put some socks on and took it out for a spin.

Probably walked 10,000 steps that day and my feet still felt comfortable at the end of the day. I’m very picky about shoes

as I have a high arch and my feet blisters easily, but these shoes lived up to its expectations!


Melissa K. (






Hi, the delivery was fast and also the shoes was really soft. my kids love it.


Sharlin T. (




The most comfortable shoe ever!


I just purchased my 3 Anothersole recently and i simply love this particular colour/model.

The leather is so soft, i can walk a whole day without any blisters or tiredness on my foot.

Totally loving it ! I’m Definitely not stopping at 3! xx


Raz K (



3rd Pair


My 3rd pair with Anothersole. highly recommended! Will definitely come back again! =)


XueQi (




Happy Feet.... Happy Me!!!


I used to drag myself with covered shoes but after discovering shoes from anothersole,

it changes my views on covered shoes.. It’s the most comfortable shoes that I ever had!

Loving it, in every steps I take!


Jenn (




Comfortable and stylish!


These shoes have surprised me. I didn’t have to break into them at all

and they’re so comfy I could wear them all day.

I am on my feet a lot caring for small children and painful shoes are not worth the grief.

Best of all they’re stylish, a local label & others are blessed in the purchase of them.

Your online customer service is prompt, responsive and also fun to speak with!

I was impressed with your sales rep’s ability to make things happen.

I am sold to get my 2nd pair.


Charlene (




Great! Love shoes that doesn't…


Great! Love shoes that doesn't give me blisters at the start or wax the heel part to wear them!

It's fuss free, comfortable and pretty.


Qingyan (




Very comfortable shoes


It was really very comfortable so I order more pairs and recommended to friends and relatives.

Anothersole is going to be my best shoes in my daily life.


Evelyn F. (




Love these shoes


Prompt delivery and then the

I’ve been wearing it for two weeks all over cobbled streets and

smooth paths and it’s just gotten more and more comfortable.

Thinking of getting another pair.


Linda L. (




Trixie Gold


Perfectly gold shoes at my toes. So comfortable and soft to the feet.

My fifth pair !

I had trixie pewter, silver, gold and two other pairs from another series.

(: loving them!


Mit W. (




Indeed the best shoes - not just for travel!


Perfect! Received compliments when I wore the shoes.

And they were a dream to wear -

So comfortable and soft, yet with support.


Yuanita L. (




My travelling shoes  


Great shoes for travelling. Fits perfectly.


Lina A. (




Lucie Blue


It’s fantastic. I am extremely happy to have bought it at my daughter's insistence.

She is an avid supporter of your store.

No regrets and will buy again


Lilian T (




Excellent pair of shoes


I've always had a problem with breaking into a new pair of footwear, and

Anothersole surprised me because I did not get any form of blister or abrasion.

Will definitely return for more in future after my current pair gets worn out.


Felicia (




Third is a Charm


This is my third pair and I love it as much as the other two.

Soft as butter, yet padded enough.

Perfect TLC for the battered feet. Would be great if the collection can be

extended to tassell loafers or lace-less shoes.


Inez C. (




Treat your feet!


Best bit is how soft and cushiony the soles are,

we should all be this kind to our feet.

Silver shoes feel effortlessly fancy!


Jennifer Q. (




Another Sole Please


It was a very pleasant experience and I love the shoes.

I bought several pairs as give away during X'mas.


Syndy N. (






I love another sole shoes, great quality shoes at great prices!

Can't wait to get more pairs in different colours :)


Mak L. (



Very comfortable


Very comfortable shoes. Walked the entire day every day in Hong Kong

in these and never felt any ache on my feet


Jira C. (




Best shoes ever!


They are gorgeous and super comfortable.

Haven’t had sore feet from walking all day since wearing these out!


Yi X. (




I am in love with these shoes


Anothersole has become my new favourite shoe.

The leather is so amazingly soft,

I did not and have still not experienced any blisters

despite wearing them without socks.

The ordering of the shoes was also smooth with the customer service prompt and helpful.

I have been singing this brand's praises to anyone who will listen

and will definitely buy more shoes from Anothersole in the future.


Andrea F. (




Didn't regret


this is my 3rd pair from Anothersole and I didn't regret it 1 bit.

Got a lot of compliments from my colleagues when I wore it to work.

Super comforty.


Anna K. (




Lived up to the hype


I read all the raving reviews about the shoe and was skeptical

about whether or not it will last through wear and tear.

It looks flimsy but it's actually pretty well put together.

I was expecting it to give way in a month but so far it hasn't - ask me again in a few months time!

Comfort wise, it is beyond my expectations.

This has become my staple go to shoe for casual outfits and definitely travels.

Would love to buy again...


Lim P. (




Go To Shoes!


I’ve really enjoyed these shoes.

They are comfortable and the only pair that never gave me any blisters even on the first wear.

The leather is soft, the shoe is generally water proof (wore it in heavy downpour) and

the sole is exactly why my feet need for how much I walk.

Will definitely buy again :)


Sangeetha W. (




Beautiful, light shoe and surprisingly...


Beautiful, light shoe and surprisingly sturdy even in the rain.

Yes, wet but retained shape and recovered well with leather cream afterwards.

Also great service by Anothersole for the entire purchasing experience.


Martina (




Love my new Hollys!


Easy to order online with quick delivery.

Shoes are exceptionally comfortable and versatile.

Great for weekends and also a causal day in the office.

Will buy again!


Kat C. (




Great service n comfort shoes


The service was fast and the shoes are superb


Diana S. (



Thank You


Hello! Thank you for arranging such fast delivery. I love love love the new Gen 2 shoes.

Can already tell it will provide better support :)


Edoria R via messenger