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#Anothersoletravels With You

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To work, play or a vacation—#anothersoletravels with you every step of the way. 

In the spirit of the year-end holidays, we got in touch with travel & lifestyle bloggers, Sonya and Esther who have travelled around the world in Anothersole shoes. Here, they share happy memories, experiences and some useful travel tips. So sit back, scroll on and soak in the beautiful view.
1 million miles, 76 countries

I am Sonya of @theglobalite, actively expressing my joie de vivre through traveling to the world's most beautiful destinations.

We love your style and photography - can you share what inspires you?

"Travel inspires me. The sights, sounds, energy. I never know how my photos will look until I am physically there. I try to curate a scene where it's basically just me and my surroundings, as if it's my own private space, lost in a moment with just me. I like clean photos that evoke a scene of discovery or a feeling of peace."

Where is your favorite holiday destination and what makes it so special?

"I am always charmed by festive displays and there is nothing like a white Christmas - Christmas markets in Germany, Austria. Nothing more special than getting bundled up and seeing a square of real-life 'gingerbread houses' surrounding a beautiful, lit-up tree, and the smiles of families enjoying time together over mulled wine and holiday treats."

What qualities are important to you when looking out for a good pair of travel shoes?

"Comfort first. Travel shoes must feel comfortable even if worn for hours. They empower you to explore, they never hinder you from getting from place to place by being uncomfortable, complicated or clumsy.

Bonus points if they can go day-to-night! Versatility means they don't take up precious luggage space, and can be worn on a variety of occasions. The metallic Anothersole flats are just the right amount of flash for evenings out as they are for casual daytime strolls."

Describe your most memorable moment with Anothersole and your go-to pair.

"I woke up one Christmas to falling snow. I put on my Anothersole shoes (Vicki in White) and explored the Bavarian village I was staying in. Lots of lights, Christmas trees and Santas everywhere. It was absolutely magical and best explored by foot thanks to Anothersole."
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Vicki - White
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Trixie II - Silver

A travel tip for our audience.

"Travel is not as daunting as it seems. There is nothing that flexibility and preparation cannot solve. If you must go somewhere in particular, prepare. Save money early, take your time to look for accommodations, learn useful phrases in the local language or find friends to split the cost. If you're afraid, start by exploring nearby places that you've never been before, and expand from there. You will see that you are braver than you think."

Travel, Beauty & Lifestyle

I’m Esther, I hail from sunny Singapore. When I’m not blogging behind the computer, you will find me overseas, exploring the roads less travelled.

We love your style and photography - can you share what inspires you?

"Aww thank you! I get a lot of inspiration from European architecture, and I'm currently really into the modern romance aesthetic, so I also follow IG accounts that have this same vibe to get even more inspired."

Where is your favorite holiday destination and what makes it so special?

"My favourite holiday destination would have to be Lapland! This is because this was where I was proposed to :) It was New Year's Eve, and we were staying in a cabin by the sea at Lofoten islands, Norway. We were trying to catch a glimpse of the northern lights outside our cabin, but it was a cloudy night, hence the chances of seeing the northern lights were low. 

We waited the whole night to no avail. At midnight, we heard some loud sounds from outside and went out to have a look. And there, lo and behold, the clouds had somehow cleared and we were greeted with the most beautiful aurora borealis! In the distance, there were fireworks going off to ring in the new year. It was such a sight. The aurora, fireworks and a ring."

What qualities are important to you when looking out for a good pair of travel shoes?

"Comfort is definitely the most important! And the second most important quality would be the versatility i.e. how well it matches my clothes. I always pick white or neutral colors for my Anothersole shoes cause they match almost all my clothes and bags. 

Lastly, weight! We all know how important it is to cut down on weight when travelling and my Anothersole shoes are one of the lightest ones I have!"

Describe your most memorable moment with Anothersole and your go-to pair.

"This was back in 2019 when I travelled to Spain-Portugal-Morocco. It was the first time I wore my Anothersole shoes overseas. 

I remember bringing a few pairs of shoes and sandals to wear during my trip, and on the first few days of the trip, I wore my other shoes. Big regret! Cause I'd come back with sore soles as those shoes didn't have proper cushioning. The next few days, I gravitated back to my Anothersole shoes. And in the end, I literally wore them every single day cause they were so comfy. If you look at my travel pics from the trip, you'll only see one pair of shoes. They're my first pair of Anothersole shoes, the Lucie in White Cloud."
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Lucie II - White Cloud
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Lucie II - Smooth Maca
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Paloma - Zulu White

A travel tip for our audience.

"Crossbody bags are the best for travelling! It's the safest type of bag for travelling vs other bags like handbags, tote bags or backpacks, which can be easily pickpocketed from the back. I store all my valuables in it, so I like to wear my crossbody bag such that the bag is in front of me and always in sight. Sometimes, I wear my coat over it for added security. 

Crossbody bags also allow me to be hands-free which is also very important when traveling, cause I might be pushing my luggage with one hand and getting money or my passport out with another hand. Or even using my phone to snap pics! And as a parent, being hands-free lets you hold your kid easily without the bag dropping off."

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